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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Holidays, holidays, holidays

The semester break has started for me, and with it our holidays. Last Thursday (22 Sept 2005) we went to my sister, Aileen's, place in Bukit Merah after work. Dinner was homemade tuna quiche... We spent the night there, chatting and watching a concert of songs from various musicals on DVD.

On Friday, Bart and I entertained ourselves in Taiping while Aileen worked. In the morning we were the youngest visitors at the Lake Gardens ;-) I am sad to report that the water level was quite low.

Later in the morning we decided to go to Maxwell Hill (or Bukit Larut, for those who don't know the English name). There, we enjoyed the fresh air, a suspension bridge, a lookout tower and a playground which had swings big enough for adults. However, the highlight (for me, anyway) was the lovely concrete slide that allowed us to be children again! *Wheeeeee*

In the evening, we went back to Bukit Merah to lepak and wait. We had a dinner appointment with Aileen. After dinner we headed back to Penang, but poor Aileen had to continue working...

No photos from this trip, as you will see from our previous blog entry, our camera went kaput on us... ;-(


5xmom said...

Angie/Bart, How did you get up to Maxwell Hill? I'd been there once, 20 yrs ago! By some scary jeeps. Info please. Want to go again.

Angie said...

5xmom: The trip up Maxwell Hill is still by jeep. Not sure if they're the same ones that plied the route 20 years ago... ;-) Takes about half hour. Bookings are at the foot of the hill, but they'll only take you up if there are 5-6 people on the jeep. We saw some people walking, too... but I certainly would not recommend that! :-)

Janice said...

Hi Angie!
You wnet to Maxwell Hill?! Izzit the one with the English village or is that Fraser's Hill?...Can't remember...a pity though about the camera...would have loved to see some photos of the place....