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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Idols on the Island

We were at Gurney Plaza to meet six of the seven Malaysian Idol finalists. We got their autographs, too. The Idols who were present were Nita, Daniel, Farah, Adam, Faizul and Ash. Xerra couldn't make it. Unfortunately, they had all run out of autograph cards. So, I resorted to giving each of them name cards to sign on :o).

[Difficult to get close: Quite a turnout... lots of screaming girl-fans, especially of Daniel]

[Up Close And Personal: Aha! Finally... getting closer...]

[The Autographs! (From L to R, top to bottom) Daniel, Nita, Farah, Adam, Faizul and Ash]


5xmom said...

Bart? Really? You were in there? I was there but did not even bother to give a second look! LOL! Just passing by 'cos the screaming girls made me feel like grandma!

Bart said...

5xmom: We heard on TV that they were there. So, for the fun of it, we went. Initially, we queued but 'chickened out' due to the crowd. Later, a second attempt when the crowd was not so gila-gila got us the chance :o).