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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Kuala Kurau Roadtrip: Day 2

We went on a short road trip from 16-17 December 2017 to Kuala Kurau.

On the second day, we had breakfast provided by the hosts at My Home Twenty One Guest House. We were served fried bee hoon (vermicelli) with lots of prawns, and prawn and chives (koo chai) pancake.


After breakfast, we rode the bicycles around the compound of the guest house.

[One, two, race!]

[Bike-ride with Mummy]

[Bike-ride with Daddy]

Later in the morning, we went on a river cruise in Kuala Gula. We saw many birds commonly found in the area. Some may have been migratory birds but we were unsure. We were also taken to an area to feed the brahminy kites, an experience also found in Langkawi. At the river mouth, the boatman also tried digging for cockles but unfortunately there weren't many. Apparently many cockle rearing efforts in the area had failed. At some point during the river cruise, the boatman let the kids steer the speedboat - they were absolutely thrilled!

[River cruise]

[River cruise]

[Justin steering the boat]

[Lesser adjutant storks]

[Brahminy kite]


[Dried prawns]

After the river cruise, we had lunch at Ai Tee Seafood Restaurant. Since a visit to this area is not complete without sampling the seafood, we indulged in some fish and soft-shell crab.

[Deep-fried soft-shell crab]

After checking-out of the guest house, we stopped at the Selinsing Charcoal Factory on Jalan Gula not far from the guest house. We left smelling a bit like bacon!

[Mangrove tree trunks to be made into charcoal]

[The kilns]

Heading back to Penang, we made a final tourist stop at the Aitong Coffee Mill in Taiping.

[Coffee beans]

[Antong Coffee Mill]

[The Antong giant coffee cup]

Overall, the roadtrip had a mix of what the kids and adults enjoyed. We have to admit that what is educational is not always exciting, e.g. the salted duck egg factory elicited the familiar "now that we've seen it can we go now" response. Anyhow, we think the kids enjoyed the river cruise and the "blue house" best on this trip.

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