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Friday, June 30, 2017

Permaculture Perak Jungle Farmstay: Day 2

Early on the second day of our jungle farmstay at Permaculture Perak in Lenggong, we were awakened by the resident cockerel. We had homemade granola and freshly harvested passion fruit for breakfast.


After breakfast, we walked around the farm. Beneath where we camped, on the ground floor of the Kilang, there were a chicken coop, and a cow shed. The chickens are reared for eggs and meat, and the cows for manure and their trampling on the soil. A few stingless bee (lebah kelulut) hives were kept outside the farmhouse. A few dogs helped guard the farmstay.


[Julian collecting eggs]

[The very shy cows]

Around the farm there were all sorts of fruit trees, herbs, and vegetables. There were durian, passion fruit, lime, pomelo, star fruit, banana, pineapple, tumeric, misai kucing, ulam raja, cinnamon, pumpkin, bitter gourd, hill rice, yam, and gourd just to name a few. Ladia is also experimenting with chestnut, vanilla, and mushroom. Permaculture Perak is not a commercial farm. So, whatever is grown is more for the family's consumption.

[Chestnut seedlings]

[Mushrooms grown on logs]

Before noon, we decided that we would let the children go fishing at the fishpond just behind the Kilang, but not before digging for earthworms. Although there were some good-sized tilapias in the pond, the kids only managed to land the small ones which were then released. It was a good experience for them nonetheless.

[Digging for worms]

[Jianna's catch]

Later in the evening, we went for a short 20-minute jungle hike through a ginger grove to a pool. Along the way and back, we picked-up a few leeches.

[Ginger grove hike]

[Another cool dip]


After dinner, we prepared the dough for the farmstay's traditional pan-baked bread. It was a creative experience, adding whatever spice you wish. For this batch of dough, Ladia mixed in cumin and oregano. Then, we all had some fun shaping our own bread and left them aside to rise overnight.

[Dough-mixing fun]

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