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Monday, August 31, 2015

Jianna at 41 Months

Jianna turned 41 months old on 30 August 2015.

Jianna was into playing doctor...
Jianna: Mummy, you are not well. (comes with a stethoscope and puts it to Mummy's tummy). Are you better now?
Mummy: Not really. But I'll be better if you give me a kiss.
Dr. Jianna walks away without a word or a glance and goes to some other toys.
Jianna: You have to take some medicine. ('spoons' Mummy with a tennis racket). There, now you are better! (with a nod and a certain finality in her voice!)
No room for appeals here...BUT... all is not lost. The second time round she obliged the kiss and thereafter offered it as a healing remedy :o).

[Jianna with her brothers' handmade rosaries]

[Jianna with her peg art]

[Jianna lugging some beach toys]

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