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Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Jianna at 26 Months

Jianna turned 26 months old on 30 May 2014. Here are some updates:
  • She can hold her own in fights and arguments with her brothers.
  • She has started weaning herself off the diaper :-) She is able to tell us when she wants to go to the toilet, but we don't feel confident to let her go completely off the diaper yet. We insist on her wearing a diaper at bed time and when we go out.
  • Speaking of weaning, we are also in the process of weaning her from the breast. She's off the breast in the day, but still can't let go of her night 'fixes'. She doesn't sleep through the night yet...still gets up once or occasionally, twice.
  • She seems to enjoy spicy food :-)
  • She has now joined her brothers in their profound interests in aeroplanes. She has learnt to imitate flights taking off and play aeroplanes and airport like her brothers.
[Clipping something under her armpit(s), she would say, "I have fever."]

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