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Monday, July 22, 2013

Jianna at 15 Months

Jianna turned 15 months old on 30 June 2013. She now weighs 9.1kg and has grown 4cm (78 cm) since her last clinic visit 3 months ago.

Here are some updates:
  • When we say "good!", she would raise one hand trying to mimick a thumbs-up.
  • She's quite possessive of things she wants and especially of Mummy. She gets jealous when her brothers cuddle up to Mummy and she would push them away or even attempt to hit them.
  • She says "mor-mor" (for no, more, or the sound of a cow).
  • She's getting better at sitting in the car seat while Mummy's in the back seat with her.
  • She can feed herself with a spoon with some help and when we're in the mood to allow her to make a mess.
[Jianna has caught on her brothers' love for airplanes]

[Jianna in her car seat...]

[... but sitting on Julian's lap is more fun!]

[Bottoms up!]

[Jianna feeding herself]

[Diddle diddle dumpling, our daughter Jianna, went to bed with her shoes still on... no that didn't sound right :o)]

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