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Monday, May 06, 2013

Julian at 71 Months

Julian turned 71 months old on 28 April 2013. He is about 23-24kg which is heavy for his age.

Here are his updates:
  • He continues to be picky with food but whatever limited variety of food that he likes, he eats a fairly good amount, hence his "bulk".
  • He sometimes likes to be carried especially when sleepy/tired or when upset. He also likes to play "horsey". Now these are getting to be a challenge in view of his "very healthy" weight.
  • He hardly takes his afternoon naps anymore. This is good because at bedtime, he now dozes off quite quickly.
  • He seems to be doing well academically in kindy, but we are a little bit concerned about his social maturity and hyperactivity/short attention span. This is in view of his going to primary school next year.
[A happy Julian on the see-saw]

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