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Friday, April 19, 2013

Jianna is 1 Year Old!

Jianna turned 1 year old on 30 March 2013. She now weighs 8kgs and is 74cm tall.

Here are her updates:
  • She has been fully on breast milk until one. On 1 April 2013, she was introduced to formula milk.
  • She's an 'expert' at walking now.
  • She can communicate with us using 'sign language' and various sounds like 'ah', 'eh', and 'mm'.
  • Shortly after the previous post, she began saying 'o' when holding the handphone to her ear. She also says 'o' if we are on the phone with someone.
  • Current favourite toys include stackable cups (but not stacking them yet), mini Jenga blocks, teddy bear, musical elephant and of course, the item her brother(s) are playing with :-P.
  • She gets jealous when her brothers, especially Justin sits on Mummy's lap or is carried by Mummy. She would try to come between Justin and Mummy and even try to push Justin away, verbally fussing at the same time. She would 'demand' for a feed, knowing that she would get Mummy to herself that way!

[Jianna likes oranges] 

[Jianna getting aquainted with the computer] 

Repeating what we did for her brothers, we celebrated Jianna's first birthday with lunch at Sea Palace Restaurant in Taman Pekaka, Penang. We booked 3 tables. Again, keeping to "tradition", we baked yet another teddybear cake. This time it's an orange cake, and coincindentally looked like her favourite teddy bear.

[Jianna's orange teddy bear cake] 

[Jianna on her 1st birthday (photo taken by Niq)]

Happy 1st Birthday, Jianna!


Heather said...

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YuNiq said...

Happy Birthday, Jianna!