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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Beach Hotel-Stay at Bayview Beach Resort

On Malaysia Day (16 September 2012), we went to Bayview Beach Resort at Batu Feringghi for a beach hotel-stay. This is our second beach hotel-stay at Bayview. Papa and Mummy joined us.

We booked the family suite which was spacious. We had an extra bed and a cot brought in as well. However, upon checking-in at 3pm, our suite was still not ready. So, we headed to the Kids Club for the boys to play around while Jianna took a nap in the baby room.

[Bayview Kids Club: What's cooking?]

The suite was finally ready at about 4.15pm. Soon after settling in, we headed for the pool. The boys had a good time and Jianna had another nap.

[Heading to our suite, finally!]

[Julian and Justin in the pool]

[Angie joins the boys in the pool]

We took to the beach the next day. The tide was coming up and the waves were quite rough. That didn't deter Julian from getting himself wet. We were cautious, though, because of the undertow. Julian did eventually lose a watering can beach toy. Justin was content playing with the sand, while Jianna kept Papa and Mummy entertained.

[Julian hit by the strong waves]

[Justin prefers the sand]

[Jianna and Poh Poh]

[Julian is not going anywhere *phew!*]

Except for the delay in getting our suite, we were pleased with our stay.

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