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Friday, November 04, 2011

Julian at 53 Months

Julian turned 53 months (4 years 5 months) on 28 October 2011.

Here are his updates:
  • Lately he has not been willing to compromise on things. For instance when he wants something which we can't give him (e.g. a biscuit which has finished) he would not accept alternatives. He would exclaim "mai!" (don't want) to almost every offer.
  • He is getting 'friendly' with the other residents we meet especially in the lift. He would always ask them, "What number are you?" (going up) or "Where are you going?" (going down).
  • He loves to answer "Sure!" or "Of course!" instead of "yes" to questions like "Can [person] come in your car?" or "Can I have some of your biscuits?"
  • When he is not sure of an answer or if he wants to avoid answering a question, especially one in which he has been asked to choose between two options, he would say, "I'm thinking about it/I'll think about it." or "I don't know."
  • He has moved to the questioning stage. His favourite questions are "What?", "What is that?" and "Where are we going?". With the last question, he can continue asking non-stop. For instance:
    Julian: Where are we going?
    Us: Dinner.
    Julian: After dinner, where are we going?
    Us: After dinner, we go home.
    Julian: After go home, where are we going?
    Us: After we go home, we go to sleep.
    Julian: After sleep, where are we going?
    Us: After sleep, we get up.
    Julian: After get up, where are we going?
    And this would go on and on until he is satisfied or we think of a distraction to end his line of questioning!

Julian inspecting grass
[Julian inspecting the grass: What's that?!?]

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