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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Now-we-bot Noo-Noo

We moved into the robotic era on 21 January 2011. We bought ourselves a Samsung Navibot which came with a free Samsung microwave oven. Price: RM2,399. We waited to put up this post so we could really run the bot before giving our review.

Review: Does about 80% of the job. You've got to make sure your floor is free of 'traps'. It may get stuck on bath mats, bag straps or carpet tassles. It may miss a whole area if the 'entrance' is obstructed in such a way that it cannot navigate well. It works best for homes with little clutter. Therefore, our dining area seem to be less thoroughly cleaned due to the dining chair and table legs. Overall, we are happy with our purchase as we now have one less chore to do :-)

Julian calls the Navibot "robot Noo-Noo" (Noo-noo is the vacuum cleaner from the TV show Teletubbies). However, he is not so fond of the robot Noo-Noo, preferring it switched off :-).

The microwave is a real bonus :-) A really fun cooking toy for us to experiment :-) :-).

[Our Robot Noo-Noo: The Samsung Navibot]


ChloeRuoyi said...

What a coincidence! We moved into the robotic era at the same time :)

Chloe named it Robbie but I found the original name Roomba more groovy :)

Kit said...

This is so funny! I think I would stick to my old vacuum cleaner or may be get it when I really have to do the cleaning ourselves every day ;-)