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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Julian at 37 Months

Julian turned 37 months old on 28 June 2010.

He has been attending playschool for about one-and-a-half months and seems to be liking it (at least he doesn't object to going). We learned that he likes the outdoor activities (this was no surprise to us).

During the 2nd week of the June 2010 school holidays, his kindy had special activities which included a talentime, an excursion to the Penang Bird Park in Seberang Jaya, and a cookie-baking session for Father's Day. For the talentime, he sang some parts of the rhyme "Five Little Monkeys" and received a trophy. During the bird park excursion, they had lunch at the cafeteria. He was seated at a table of four with three adults (says a lot, doesn't it?).

Julian in uniform
[Julian in uniform]

Julian's trophy
[Julian's first trophy]

Father's Day cookie
[Father's Day Cookie... delicious!]

His speech continues to improve and can imitate words and sentences quite easily. We make phone calls to his grandparents regularly and let him "chat" with them (we tell him what to say), much to their amusement.

He continues to be picky with food but sometimes surprises us with the occasional exception. Recently, he seems to like plain roti canai with sugar. Other than the usual porridge, fried rice, or half-boiled egg, he loves bean curd.

Julian eating roti canai
[Julian eating roti canai with sugar]

Julian and Mummy
[Julian and Mummy]

Julian with shape puzzle
[Julian with his shape puzzles]

Julian and the vibrating ball
[Julian and the vibrating ball]

Julian wearing sunglasses
[Julian looking cool, thanks to
Suk Suk & Suk Meh]

Julian in playground tunnel
[Julian at the playground]

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