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Friday, October 30, 2009


Are You Sleepy?

Julian readily complies when asked to say certain words in our effort to teach him new words.

Conversation #1: After picking him from the babysitter's...
Mummy or Daddy: Julian, did you have a good day?
Julian: Day?
Mummy or Daddy: Julian, say "yes".
Julian: Yes.

Conversation #2: Sometimes, just for fun, Daddy will teach him some exclamations...
Daddy: Julian, say "Alamak!"
Julian: "Amak!" (and laughs...)
Daddy: Julian, say "Oh! My goodness!"
Julian: "Uh-ness!" (and laughs...)
Daddy: Julian, say "Ayoh!"
Julian: ... (just laughs)

Conversation #3: Since he's quite good at "parroting" what we say (just like most kids his age), we tried to "con" him into agreeing to go to bed, but we were in for a surprise.
Julian: (Yawns...)
Daddy: Julian, are you sleepy? Say "yes".
Julian: No.
Daddy and Mummy: ????


The 3rd one is funny. Wahahaha! Actually the period I like most for children first 3 years is the period they learn talking. They really so cute....
i like the 3rd one, so cute and he is so smart to say NO :)
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