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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Julian at 17 Months

Julian turned 17 months last Tuesday (28 October 2008). On Monday, we took him for his final government-sponsored vaccination. He weighed in at 9.7kg (only 200gm heavier than when he was 15 months old) and his standing height is 82cm (4cm taller than when he was 1 year old).

In the last month, both his upper canines have emerged making a total of 14 teeth. We try to brush his teeth as often as we can, especially before bedtime but he is usually not very cooperative.

We have started giving him rice quite regularly now. This is usually accompanied with some toufu or egg and shredded leafy vegetables. Although armed with 14 teeth, he seems to be a lazy chewer - rejecting coarser pieces of vegetables or meat *sigh*. On the plus side, we have recently tried passing him spoonsful of food which he readily takes and feeds himself.

Early in October, we had noticed two small moles (just two flat dots) in the area between his right cheek and ear.

On the talking front, still no "mummy" or "daddy" yet. But he has added words or sounds like "bahbuh" ("bubble"), "noh moh" ("no more" complete with flipping hand actions), "door", "toh" ("close" and "throw"), "thar" ("car"), "ba" ("bus"), "nouh" ("nose") and "duck" to his vocabulary.

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1 comment:

huisia said...

Happy 17 months old, he can master his speech quite well at his age. :-)