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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sebai Sebai Thai Restaurant

On 6 September 2008, We had dinner at the Sebai Sebai Thai Restaurant at Lintang Batu somewhere off Greenlane. If you're coming from Gelugor, you should take the flyover at the RECSAM roundabout and turn left after the Hindu temple. The restaurant is next to a children's playground nestled in a housing area on the left.

This was actually our second visit. We tried their Thai-style kangkung (RM8), green curry chicken (RM15) and fish cake (RM5 for 2 pieces).

Thai-style Kangkung
[Thai-style Kangkung]

Green Curry Chicken
[Green Curry Chicken]

Fish cake
[Fish Cake]


On our previous visit, we tried their deep-fried kangkung (RM8) and deep-fried garlic squid (RM12) which were delicious!

1 comment:

meiyi said...

I find that the food is very, very nice but a little pricey..
I wonder if they added some 'extras' tat we dont know.

Only setback is the environment is a bit like chu-char style.