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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Julian at 10 Months

Julian went for his regular bimonthly visit to Aunty Nurse on Wednesday (2 April 2008). He weighed in at 8kg. Not as much as we would have liked, but we've become somewhat accustomed to his slow weight gain. His fourth tooth is now clearly visible.

Recently, on more than one ocassion, we have noticed him beginning to let go of his support when standing. At the moment, he's able to remain standing without support for only a split second.

In terms of communication, we don't think he has actually begun talking, but he's been calling "mama" quite often especially when he's upset and wants mummy to carry him, or when we fail to decipher his request for milk on time. When he objects to being carried, he would voice his displeasure and twist his body (sometimes up to 360 degrees) in an effort to get down.

He's still being 'difficult' when it comes to sitting in the car seat, but we have so far succeeded in putting him in at the most important times - when only one of us is with him. Sometimes when we're together we let him 'win' (it can be quite tiring 'fighting' with him) and carry him for the journey.

Magic flute
[Julian: The Maestro and his Magic Flute]


Nicholas said...

Haha! Julian looks so cute! Kenny G, move aside...

baby girl diary said...

its quite a fight for us to get ee shuen accustomed to sitting on the car seat. but we never relent, now she expects us to put her into the car seat everytime :)