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Sunday, September 16, 2007


Julian the Catholic

Julian was baptised yesterday (15 September 2007). Niq and Chui Ying (Ah Sook & Sook Meh) are his godparents.

We were a little nervous during the 4.30pm rite because it was about Julian's feeding time. He fretted a little, and Fr. Henry Rajoo reassured Julian by saying, "It's going to be over soon... relax, relax..."

He behaved well throughout until it was time to take the family photo at the end. Overwhelmed with joy, he just let his tears flow and his cries heard... that's our Julian... the Catholic.

Julian ready for baptism
[Julian, I baptise you...]

Julian the Catholic

Julian and family
[Julian: Just so happy... or hungry... whichever]


Congrats to the happy Papa and Mummy..!! it's such a joy to see Julian baptized.. and brought up in a Godly-way.. :)
Welcome to the club, Julian! The group photo is priceless - everyone smiling widely except for his wailing, kesian...
Looks like he was squirming to avoid the holy water! haha...what a priceless moment!
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