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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Solvita Success

Last Tuesday (11 July 2006), we made another attempt at bread baking. This round it was with the Solvita bread-mix. We put in only half of it and topped-up another half with plain bread flour. In the past, we've always got non-springy, non-fluffy and non-chewy-starchy bread.

This time round, it was practically a complete success! The best we've baked so far. What we did differently this time was:
1. We baked a loaf instead of buns.
2. We switched to a more expensive (and softer) margarine. Being misers, we previously invested in a cheaper margarine that was slightly softer than a brick.
3. We used a little bit more yeast.
4. We kneaded the dough more vigorously for the second rising.

[Sweet Success: Our Solvita loaf]

[Solvita Slices: All ready to be savoured... yum, yum...]

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