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Monday, April 24, 2006

Monkey Tonic

Mom was getting concerned that we seem to be coughing quite a bit lately. Her recommendation? Monkey tonic. My brother and I used to take it when we were little. It has been about 20-25 years since we had some.

No, I don't think it contains any monkey parts but it does contain lots of herbs. It is sold in cake-form (like belacan) and it is made into a dark, muddy, mildly-strong-herbal-smelling soup with meat.

[No monkey business: This thing seems to be, almost, a cure-all]

According to the instructions, it is apparently good for "old age and debility, rheumatic pains in the bone and joints, numbness and weakness of limbs, pains in the body, pains in the loins, excessive nocturnal urination, prenatal and post-natal weakness, anaemia, gastric pains, spleen weakness, lack of appetite, asthma, works in abdomen of children, jaundice, stunted growth and cold perspiration."

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