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Thursday, May 26, 2005

East Coast Escapade (Part 1: Kota Bharu)

We were away from 12-23 May 2005 on a holiday to the East Coast. On 12 May, we drove past Kulim, Pengkalan Hulu (for lunch), Gerik, Jeli, Machang and finally put up the night in Kota Bharu. The leisurely drive took seven hours. We stayed at Crystal Lodge (the room was small but cozy and clean).

The basic idea was to see the sights and devour the delicacies. At the Buluh Kubu foodcourt area, we ate flattened and grilled cuttlefish (RM1 each) and an assortment of colourful Kelantanese kuih; at Pantai Cahaya Bulan, we ate deep fried squid (RM6 each); at Pantai Sabak, we tried satar (RM1 for 4 cones); in town, we had satay jawa (RM1 for 3 sticks); and at the ourskirts of town, we tried keropok losong a.k.a. lekor rebus *ewww!* (RM3 for about 12 worm-like pieces).

[Kuih of all shapes, sizes, colours and names: Fancy eating some 'tahi itik' (duck dung)?]

[Satar: A grilled mixture of fish, coconut and spices]

[Siti Khadijah Market: You can buy almost anything from clothes to turtle eggs]


SiaoChaBoa said...

What a nice trip..! love all the food.. :) donch care about the shopping though.. food first..!!

5xmom said...

Bart, please share more, more, more photos!!! When I was in KB in Jan. my kids refused to go out to town. I was outside at the market but missed going in to enjoy the sights.