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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Highland Holiday 2012: Part 1 (Moonriver Lodge)

We headed up to the highlands for a holiday from 28-30 August 2012. It was Jianna's first holiday (the elder two boys also had their first holidays up in the highlands). Dad joined us on this trip.

We chanced upon Moonriver Lodge while doing some research on the choice of accommodation. It is a highland farmstay situated in Lojing, Kelantan about 800m above sea level. It had good reviews on Tripadvisor and disappoint it did not.

We arrived at Moonriver Lodge via the Simpang Pulai-Gua Musang road at about 2.30pm and we were taken on an introductory tour of the lodge and its surroundings. Julian harvested two heads of cabbage, much to his delight.

[Julian harvesting a cabbage]

After tea at about 5pm, we went jungle trekking on the lodge's Water Valley Trail. It is a pretty easy trail leading to a waterfall, suitable for small children. The trail criss-crossed a stream which the boys enjoyed wading through in their borrowed rubber boots. The trek lasted about an hour.

[Trekking along the Water Valley Trail with our guide. Photo by Dad]

[We made it!: The boys at the lodge's in-house waterfall]

On returning, the boys proceeded to inspect the heavy vehicles at the lodge. It was their first time getting onto a digger and a tractor. Needless to say, they were thrilled to bits :-)

[Easy does it: Julian manouvering the tractor around the bend]

[Justin calling it a day after toiling on the digger]

After a bath, we had dinner at about 7.30pm at the lodge. After dinner, we hung out at the lounge cum library. It is carpeted and cosy, and the kids watched some cartoons on the TV.

[Lazing in the lounge]

Bedding is basic but comfortable on raised platforms. We were assigned to Room 5 at the Lovelock Lodge just next to the Main Lodge which can accommodate four single mattresses side-by-side. This is ideal for us as we don't have to worry about the kids falling off their beds. Overnight temperature was satisfyingly cold. It was 20°C at breakfast time and we were told that it was probably 18°C overnight.

[Our beds in Lovelock Room 5]

Currently, electricity at the lodge is provided by a generator which comes on between 7-11pm. Rechargeable LED nightlights are provided in each room for use after the generator is shut down for the night.

We were pleased to discover Moonriver Lodge as it's a good place for the two boys to roam around and explore the surroundings as opposed to the usual confines of a hotel room or a rented apartment.


[Justin having some quiet time on the hammock]

[Julian and Jianna going for a swing]

[Path between the Lovelock Lodge and the Main Lodge]

[View of the Main Lodge from our room]

They can also be found on Facebook: here.

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